About Us

Meet Principium Health

We launched in 2016 to provide value-driven, home-based primary care services for health plans and health systems to manage their highest risk Medicare members. Principium Health is currently seeking health plan partners who will work with us to improve healthcare outcomes for their most complex and high risk patients and achieve the Triple Aim: Increase Patient Satisfaction, Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Medical Cost.

Our Mission

To provide forward thinking, community based, in-home chronic care management services that deliver compassionate, cost effective and sustainable quality care for the frail elderly.

Our Approach

The primary cost drivers among the frail elderly are facility-based utilization—hospitals and skilled nursing facilities—and end-of-life care. Our clinical model is designed to mitigate inappropriate use of institutional care and address the 40 percent of all Medicare expenditures that are attributed to only 5 percent of beneficiaries.