Principium Health Appoints Steven R. Counsell, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer

January 17, 2017

DALLAS, January 17, 2017 – Principium Health, a leading provider of home-based primary care services for health plans and health systems, announced today the appointment of Steven R. Counsell, M.D. as Chief Medical Officer.

Steven R. Counsell, M.D.
Dr. Counsell brings over 25 years of experience in the field of geriatric medicine. Prior to Principium Health, he served as the Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Professor and Chair in Geriatrics at the Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine and Founding Director of the IU Geriatrics program. Dr. Counsell was a 2009-2010 Health and Aging Policy Fellow and is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Past President of the American Geriatrics Society. Throughout his career, Dr. Counsell has been an innovator in the development of novel care programs directed at improving the quality and value of healthcare services for older adults with complex needs.

Dr. Counsell pioneered the GRACE Team Care™ model (Geriatric Resources for Assessment and Care of Elders), initially funded as a National Institutes of Health trial, and later commercialized and implemented across multiple, nationally recognized provider organizations. GRACE’s high-intensity care-team approach enhances quality of geriatric care in ways that optimize health and functional status and decrease excess healthcare use, including avoidance of hospitalization and visits to the emergency department. GRACE may also prevent or delay the need for long-term nursing home placement by allowing seniors to stay in their homes with better support. Focused on the most difficult-to-manage senior populations, the GRACE Team Care model delivers proven value in achieving the Triple Aim of improved health outcomes, patient satisfaction and reduced medical costs.

”We’re excited to have Dr. Counsell join our team and assume responsibility for the clinical leadership at Principium Health,” said Kevin Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Principium Health.  “Dr. Counsell has been a thought leader in improving care for the elderly and has a proven track record of designing and implementing models of care that address the most difficult patient demographics.”

Principium Health, launched in 2016 by sister company CenseoHealth, enhances in-home care delivery by providing effective chronic care management for the frail elderly. This year, Principium Health looks to expand its team and broaden its partnerships with its managed care partners.

”Principium Health is improving care delivery for patients that have historically not had access to quality healthcare options,” said Dr. Counsell. “I’ve spent my career improving the effectiveness of care for these patients, and I’m excited to join this innovative team of experienced healthcare leaders to continue building Principium Health as the industry standard bearer for the in-home delivery of chronic care management services.”    

About Principium Health
Principium Health is changing the way health plans and health systems think about managing the care of their highest risk beneficiaries by providing longitudinal, team-based care in the home. Its mission is to provide forward thinking, community based, in-home chronic care management services that deliver compassionate, cost effective and sustainable quality care for the frail elderly.

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