The Independence at Home (IAH) Demonstration was enacted under the Affordable Care Act and administered by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation to test the efficacy of a home-based primary care delivery model to improve health outcomes and reduce expenditures for Medicare beneficiaries of multiple chronic conditions.


In the first year of the IAH Demonstration, a CMS analysis found that program participants "saved more than $25 million—an average of $3,070 per participating beneficiary—while delivering high quality patient care in the home."

Principium Health is taking the successful IAH in-home model and providing services for chronically ill Medicare Advantage members. Our highly personalized care offers a unique solution to patients and families, health plans and physicians. CMS demonstrations have repeatedly shown that our in-home model of care has the ability to significantly decrease overall medical costs primarily by decreasing unnecessary and preventable ER visits, hospital admissions, and skilled nursing and rehab admissions.


Kevin Murphy oversaw five practices managing nearly 26 percent of the total IAH demonstration population.

CMS awarded 67 percent of the total IAH incentive payments to those five practices.

Those same five practices generated nearly 87 percent of the total CMS savings generated during the first year of the IAH demonstration.


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