Principium Health offers its patients the most convenient and high quality medical services available today: patient-centered healthcare delivered in the comfort of your own home. There have been tremendous advancements in healthcare over the last several decades. But with that advancement, has come unmanageable complexity and inaccessibility in the healthcare system. What good is the best healthcare in the world if you don't have access when you need it?

That's why Principium Health's in-home model is built around providing the best possible care for a patient in the most convenient place to treat them: at home.


As a patient of Principium Health, here's our commitment to you:


Our focus is on you, the patient. We schedule visits in the convenience of your home at a time that works for your calendar, not ours. No more waiting rooms, answering services, or difficulty making appointments. Principium Health is here to serve you.


Principium Health is focused on improving your health and your quality of life. To achieve these goals we’ve assembled a team of the highest quality healthcare professionals that work collaboratively to ensure that you're getting the right care—whenever you need it. Our physicians, nurses and other clinicians stay in regular contact with you, our patient, to ensure that your healthcare needs are being addressed at all times.


We’re all on the same team. Principium Health's clinical teams share the same goal of taking great care of you or your loved ones. We strive to deliver the best possible health outcomes, and we understand the importance of engaged family and caregivers. We embrace family and caregivers as part of the team and coordinate your care to ensure the best outcomes for you.


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